Just My Type #28

Recently I’ve been working on a branding project, and I’ve been exploring quirky type (for a quirky identity!). My client got really into the idea of 3D type for one of the directions. It’s one of those styles that’s so specific, I don’t think I’ve ever really given that style of type much thought! But after much research, I have a nice little collection of favorites that I’d like to share with you. Click on the images to learn more about each typeface.











On Etsy: Archer and Olive

As described by it’s founders, Archer and Olive is,

“A darling stationery boutique. Archer and Olive is the feeling of running your hands across 38pt savory cotton, double thick paper. We are the hand written love letter on personalized stationery. We are the reason for the envy amongst your friends because your baby shower invitations are so perfect, so unique and so you. We are the card you decided to frame instead of mailing to a friend. We are the wedding invitations you’ve always dreamed about, the smell of freshly pressed paper, and the first page of a new journal. Archer and Olive is darling stationery design in Austin, Texas.”

Below are some of my favorite items from their shop. You can click directly on each image for more info. And if you want a behind-the-scenes look at their process, be sure to check out their blog right here.

082516_tt_01 082516_tt_02 082516_tt_03082516_tt_04082516_tt_05082516_tt_06082516_tt_07082516_tt_08082516_tt_09082516_tt_10

Inspired by… Kati Forner

Today I’m sharing the work of Kati Forner, a Los Angeles based designer, with over 10 years of experience in print, digital, and production. Kati runs her own studio in LA, with clients primarily in the beauty and fashion Industries. I love her minimalist approach, with paired down ornate (and sometimes magical touches). Featured below is work from her Wooden Spoon Herbs

082416_ib_01 082416_ib_02 082416_ib_03 082416_ib_0082416_ib_04 082416_ib_05 082416_ib_06 082416_ib_07 082416_ib_08 082416_ib_09 082416_ib_10 082416_ib_11 project. Enjoy!


Inspired by… Fabian De Lange

Fabian de Lange is a freelance multidisciplinary designer and illustrator specialized in custom typography and lettering. Fabian currently residing and working in Heerlen, The Netherlands with work experience in different creative fields of design and collaborating with clients from various industries, His client list boasts names such as Disney, Ariana Grande, Volkswagen, British Airways, MTV and TEDx.

Featured below are work for Conde Nast Traveler magazine, Disney, and some personal work, respectively. Enjoy!

081716_ib_01 081716_ib_02 081716_ib_03 081716_ib_04 081716_ib_05 081716_ib_06 081716_ib_07 081716_ib_08 081716_ib_09 081716_ib_10 081716_ib_11

Inspired by… Impprintz Graphic Design Studio

Today I’m sharing the work of Impprintz Graphic Design Studio, featuring their Gift Boxes, Tokai Blue. The layered design elements of patterned one-color illustration, layered with bold colored patterns, and beautiful typography caught my eye. Enjoy!

081016_ib_01 081016_ib_02 081016_ib_03 081016_ib_04

Inspired by… Rachel Rogers Design

Today I bring you the work of Rachel Rogers- a San Francisco native who currently freelances after years spent in the NYC publishing world at Rodrigo Corral Design and Simon&Schuster. I came across her work while I was doing some research on quirky, illustrative monograms on Pinterest. Featured below are some of my favorite crests.

071316_ib_01 071316_ib_02 071316_ib_03 071316_ib_04 071316_ib_05 071316_ib_06 071316_ib_07 071316_ib_08 071316_ib_09 071316_ib_10

Inspired by… Vintage Posters

On my hunt for vintage mermaid images on Pinterest one day, I came across this great vintage poster, which then led me to this real treasure trove of a blog called Quad Royal- which specializes in vintage posters from the 1940’s, ’50’s, and ’60’s. In a sort of summery, beach-y, mermaid-y mood with my selections below.Enjoy!

062316_ib_01 062316_ib_02 062316_ib_03 062316_ib_04 062316_ib_05 062316_ib_06 062316_ib_07 062316_ib_08 062316_ib_09 062316_ib_10

Inspired by… Palefroi

Palefroi is a graphic design, illustration and screen print studio run by Damien Tran and Marion Jdanoff, located in Berlin. Elements in their work that resonate with me right now are the hints of Memphis Style and illustrative styling that reminds me of a Basquiat painting. Featured below are some of my favorites from their site. Be sure to check out their work in it’s entirety here.

062216_ib_01 062216_ib_02 062216_ib_03 062216_ib_04 062216_ib_05 062216_ib_06062216_ib_07 062216_ib_08 062216_ib_09 062216_ib_10

On Brand: The Identity Design of Le Turtle

Lately I’ve been discovering restaurants I want to try through the J.Crew blog... Random, I know. My most recent curiosity, Le Turtle in the Lower East Side, led me down a design rabbit hole the minute I clicked on their site.. A video below for reference.

I was sitting at my desk at work, watching a woman repeatedly stick her hands through her pants. I swear I was just looking for a place to go for dinner! (sorry, HR).

As I learned, the identity design was done by a husband and wife time, well… correction, they became husband and wife after the branding was complete. A design fairytale, if you will. AIGA did a great piece on them, here.

052616_ob_01 052616_ob_02 052616_ob_06

The branding struck me as more cinematic than anything–specifically Italian Surrealism circa the 1960s.


052616_ob_04 052616_ob_05 052616_ob_06 052616_ob_07 052616_ob_08 052616_ob_09 052616_ob_10 052616_ob_11

The identity design was done by Leta Sobierajski and Wade Jeffree. Kudos!