Inspired by… Nicholas Misani

Nicholas Misani is a New York based designer with a passion for detail and ornament. Born in Milan, into a family of jewelry designers, Nicolas developed a love for calligraphy and art at an early age and started formal training studying architecture and industrial design at the Liceo Artistico Bruno Munari in Crema, Italy. After a brief period living in Japan, he relocated to NYC and is now a designer for Louise Fili. 

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Inspired by… Tamara Pešić

Tamara Pešić is freelance graphic designer, based in Niš, Serbia. I was drawn to the painterly quality and bold colors in her poster designs… and of course her painted typography.As her official bio describes….” Loves to work with water colors, ink & linocut to produce creative pieces with soul. Tamara is a fan of ampersand, red lipstick, dark beer, Radiohead, turquoise & broccoli.”

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Inspired by… DangerDust

Dangerdust is the name of an anonymous duo- students at Columbus College of Art and Design, who sneak into a classroom each Sunday or Monday night, and create beauty out of chalk.  I absolutely love this story. Creating for the sake of creating- is there anything more beautiful? Below are a few of my favorite works from them. You can follow their adventures on Behance, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook to see what happens next….

Below is one of my favorite projects (so far…). Enjoy!

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Inspired by… Anderson Design Group

I discovered the work of Anderson Design Group via Scoutmob, a cool company I’ve been doing some recent collaborations with. I was immediately drawn to the vintage-inspired travel posters of various USA landmarks. During the warmer months, I can’t help but fantasize about endless road trips, sailboats, mountains, and the wide open spaces of our lovely country… from sea to shining sea.

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Inspired by… Young & Laramore

Over the Memorial Holiday weekend I had the chance to dig through some sadly neglected emails in my inbox (a task that is never done!), and I came across a nice message from Young & Laramore, sharing with me their latest packaging and evolved identity of Upland Brewing Company.  The company has won countless fan across the Midwest with a collection of traditional, well-crafted beers; equally important to the brand is it’s embodied the progressive spirit of Bloomington, the college town it calls home. Living sustainably, supporting local musicians and artist, locally sourcing ingredients—all of these are vital parts of Upland DNA. 

For Young & Laramore,, The goal of the new look was to capture the quality, culture and spirit that has made Upland Brewing Company unique. The hand-crafted nature of the beer is reflected in the extensive use of hand-lettered type and illustrations, whether in the distinctive hills logo (illustrated by Colorado artist The Bungaloo), or in the packaging and related materials (done by France’s BMD Design- a big favorite of mine, last mentioned here).

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Inspired by… Mike Smith

Mike Smith is an amazing designer who got into the field through skateboarding (and a desire to make gig posters all day long), and has since become a pretty fantastic print and branding designer. But, I’m not going to show you any of that, (you’ll have to head over and take a look for yourself!). Instead I’d like to share with you his street art- which really captured my imagination. Enjoy!

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Inspired by… Jessica Svendsen

Jessica Svendsen has one of the strongest design portfolio’s I’ve seen in a long time. Hers is the kind of work that I can look over again and again. There is something bold, smart and strategic in her design choices that is simply stunning. A recent graduate, I look forward to seeing her career unfold. Below are a few of my favorite pieces from her site.