Inspired by… Spencer Charles

Spencer Charles is a typographic designer and letterer who honed his skills as a chalkboard /signage artist at Whole Foods, and then went on to work for the illustrious Louise Fili. Now working independently, Spencer’s work has a focus on typeface design, logo, food packaging, and book design. Below are a few of my favorite works from his site. I also really liked this Instagram project he did- check it out here.

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Inspired by… Rob Draper

As those of you who follow me on Instagram might have picked up on, I have a certain interest on words written on coffee cups… So of course I when I discovered Rob Draper’s  “Coffee Time” series I had to share it here.  This is an on-going series of which Draper does hand-lettering and illustration on discarded everyday objects. Enjoy!

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Inspired by… Tamara Pešić

Tamara Pešić is freelance graphic designer, based in Niš, Serbia. I was drawn to the painterly quality and bold colors in her poster designs… and of course her painted typography.As her official bio describes….” Loves to work with water colors, ink & linocut to produce creative pieces with soul. Tamara is a fan of ampersand, red lipstick, dark beer, Radiohead, turquoise & broccoli.”

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Inspired by… Xelo Garrigós Pina

I discovered the fantastic work of Xelo Garrigós Pina via tumblr. His hand-drawn typography is fantastic, and refreshing for me- he doesn’t seem to follow any of the conventional trendy aesthetics we’ve been seeing (too much of?) lately…  Below are part(s) of his alphebet project- be sure to check out the rest here.

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Inspired by… Erin Ellis

I came across the work of Erin Ellis by way of Miss Moss. A designer specializing in lettering, Ellis offered to design Miss Moss’s logo, in her signature style. You can read more about that process here. When I looked through her work I was particularly drawn to her Birds and Fruits Series, as well as her Botanical 1 Series (below!).


Inspired by… Ryan Hamrick

I discovered the work of  Pittsburgh-based designer and letterer Ryan Hamrick via Dribbble. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you may have picked on a theme- i love anything lettered, hand-drawn or customized when it comes to typography. The work of Ryan Hamrick is certainly no exception. I hope you enjoy looking through his work as much as I did!


Inspired by… Rifle Paper Co.

I’ve been a fan of Rifle Paper Co. for a long time. Their recent launch of AMAZING iphone cases put them back on my mind again (I am the proud owner of this case). I love the whimsy and detail to all their work. Below are a few of my latest favorite things from them… I am on my summer wonderlust kick.