Inspired by… Eisen Bernardo

Today I’m inspired by the work of Eisen Bernardo, a Filipino graphic designer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. I came across an image from his series Mag + Art the other day, and am featuring my favorites from the series below.

The project in his own words:

My Mag + Art series is a collection of magazine cover and classical painting mashups. Famous paintings of artists like Boticelli, Ingres, Klimt and Picasso were overlain with iconic covers of popular magazines like Life, Time, Harper’s Bazaar and Rolling Stone to produce funny and interesting visual combos. This ongoing project on Tumblr is my way of giving homage to the magazines – as venue of human artistic expression and vehicle of popular culture.

Inspired by… Robin Eisenberg

Today I bring you the bright, fabulous and fun illustrations and animations from the mind of Robin Eisenberg. Robin is an artist and designer based in LA.  When she’s not making the amazing illustrations I’ve featured below, she’s making both real and imaginary travel plans, watching Star Trek, and trying to cultivate her dream cactus garden. Enjoy!

Inspired by… Tess Guinery

This past week I found myself pinning image after image of what I later learned to be the work of Tess Guinery, so it seemed only fitting that I dedicate an Inspired By… post to her work as well!

Tess is a dancer turned graphic designer and content creator, whose sense of movement and creativity is evident in her work. I love the way Tess describes why she does what she does here,

“There’s this beautiful one-liner I fell in love with in Romans 12 that says ‘Discover beauty in everyone’ — This scripture defines everything I do and why I do it. I want to discover the beauty everywhere – in the mundane, the morning ritual, the man I say hello to on the way to coffee, the logo I design for someones creative vision, the email I receive from a client, the places I visit, the friends I treasure — I want to discover beauty in it all and create accordingly. “

Featured below is personal work from her shop. Enjoy!

On Etsy: Helo Birdie

Today I’m featuring a newly discovered shop I love- Helo Birdie.  Helo Birdie is art and illustration by Joanne Ho, a self-taught artist based in Auckland, New Zealand. As she describes, “I create paintings of things that make me happy – travel, the beach, water, swimming, food, animals, nature and odd but cute tiny characters.” Enjoy!

Art Print of watercolor painting “Paradise”

Art print of original watercolor painting ” Waterhole #1 ”

Art Print of Original Watercolor Painting – “Swimming pool”

Art print of original painting “Evening dip”

Art print of original watercolor painting ” Turkish towel pink pool “

Art print of original painting “Two pools”

Art print of original painting “Emerald pool”

Art Print of original watercolor painting “Haven”

Art print of original watercolor painting ” Moroccan Riad “

Inspired by… Vintage Yves Saint Laurent’s Love Cards

Lately I’ve been digitally hoarding all the vintage Yves Saint Laurent Love Cards I can find. And finally, the time has come to share with you!


From my research, I’ve learned that these cards weren’t Valentine’s but rather cartes de voeux—cards sent to welcome the New Year. The designer created and sent these for 30 years, from 1970 to 2000. Below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


On Etsy: Lisa Congdon

Today I’m featuring the work of Lisa Congdon on my On Etsy series. I’ve been a long-time admirer of her work, her story, and her general attitude and approach to work and life, which has been hugely inspiring to me. (You should check out her blog, Today Is Going To Be Awesome here). Her work exudes a celebratory exuberance and positivity that just make me smile, and I hope it has the same effect on you!

Stay Awake Art Print

Begin Anyhow Greeting Card

High Five Greeting Card

I’m a Mess Without You Greeting Card

Be You, Greeting Card

Higher Greeting Card

Shine On Notecards (Box of 10)

You Rock Greeting Card

Les Poissons 11×14 Art Print

Large Landscape Study Print

Inspired by… Danny Jones

Today I bring you the work of Danny Jones, currently a designer at Google VR, specializing in 3D interaction & visual design. The project featured below is a series of 3D badges he did while at AQUA, for a Nike workout app. Each badge could be unlocked after varying degrees of time spent working out. Enjoy!

Pattern Play: In Bloom!

It’s spring! I recently moved from Brooklyn to California, so for me, this means overflowing wildflowers (sometimes growing out of the sidewalks), pungent smells of flowers and fruit trees, and of course, an excuse to wear a floral dress. I’ve also been leaning towards a more romantic design aesthetic, which includes as many floral/nature motifs as I can get away with. I thought it would be fun to round up some of the floral patterns I’ve been loving lately, in honor of this lovely season. Enjoy!

Bloom Floral Pattern Collection

Subtle Botanica. Vol.2

Floral Pattern

Floral Pattern

Watercolor Floral Design Set -Audrey

Tropical flower pattern

Blush & Gold Graphic Collection

Watercolor tropical patterns

Tropical palm leaves vector patterns

Vintage Roses Patterns