Inspired by… Greg Coulton

Today I bring you the work of Greg Coulton, a designer and illustrator based in London. As described (much better than I ever could) in his bio,

“Whether he’s creating brand stories or artwork for packaging, portraits or album covers, the art of storytelling is at the heart of Greg’s work. His illustration philosophy – “The devil is in the detail”, pretty much defines everything he does.

Intricate and multi-layered, his hand drawn illustrations are driven by the principles of good communication design, honed during 12 years designing in London Ad agencies.

Add to this his traditional draftmanship skills and love of exuberant, Baroque-inspired flourishes, the end result is Greg’s unique works of meticulous detail and enchanting narratives.”

I particularly liked his editorial illustration, “Guy Clark”, featured below.

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Inspired by… Jill De Haan

Today I’d like to share the work of Jill De Haan. Jill is a graphic designer who loves working with her hands, incporating her love of drawing, painting, sewing, and the “hand made” aesthetic in her work where ever she can. She also has “a love for “old-timey” things and often take a vintage-looking route when using type, illustration, and color.” Below I’m featuring her Europe Trip Lettering project. Enjoy!

030515_ib_01 030515_ib_02 030515_ib_03 030515_ib_04 030515_ib_05 030515_ib_06 030515_ib_07 030515_ib_08 030515_ib_09 030515_ib_10

Inspired by… Alexandra Snowdon

Today I bring you the lovely work of Alexandra Snowdon, who I discovered via Pinterest. I found her “About Me” page really inspiring, so instead of retelling it here- I urge you to check it out for yourself. I love her hand-drawn typography, folksy illustration style, and inspiring words. Below are a few of my favorites.

022615_ib_01 022615_ib_02 022615_ib_03 022615_ib_04 022615_ib_05 022615_ib_06 022615_ib_07 022615_ib_08 022615_ib_09 022615_ib_10

Inspired by… Nicholas Misani

Nicholas Misani is a New York based designer with a passion for detail and ornament. Born in Milan, into a family of jewelry designers, Nicolas developed a love for calligraphy and art at an early age and started formal training studying architecture and industrial design at the Liceo Artistico Bruno Munari in Crema, Italy. After a brief period living in Japan, he relocated to NYC and is now a designer for Louise Fili. 

122514_ib_01 122514_ib_02 122514_ib_03 122514_ib_04 122514_ib_05 122514_ib_06 122514_ib_07 122514_ib_08 122514_ib_09 122514_ib_10 122514_ib_11

Inspired by… Cocorrina

Today I bring you the work of Cocorrina, the freelance design studio of Corina. I pin her work often on Pinterest- so you may have already seen some of it. Corina lives on an island off Greece, (making her Instagram a must-see!), and I think her work speaks to that laid-back island vibe. Below I’m sharing some of her handwriting and calligraphy work. Be sure to visit her site to see the rest!

121814_ib_01 121814_ib_02 121814_ib_03 121814_ib_04 121814_ib_05 121814_ib_06 121814_ib_07 121814_ib_08 121814_ib_09 121814_ib_10

Inspired by… Spencer Charles

Spencer Charles is a typographic designer and letterer who honed his skills as a chalkboard /signage artist at Whole Foods, and then went on to work for the illustrious Louise Fili. Now working independently, Spencer’s work has a focus on typeface design, logo, food packaging, and book design. Below are a few of my favorite works from his site. I also really liked this Instagram project he did- check it out here.

120414_ib_01 120414_ib_02 120414_ib_03 120414_ib_04 120414_ib_05 120414_ib_06 120414_ib_07

Inspired by… Yeaaah! Studio

Today I bring you the work of Stéphane Casier, of the Yeaaah! Studio, based in Paris. Casier is a designer and illustrator with a speciality in posters and album art. I came across snipets of the Crown Cardinals project over on Pinterest and wanted to share the full project here. All elements are hand-drawn, some elements are redrawn from 19th and early 20th centuries illustrations. I love that the artist included the process images as well with this project. Enjoy!

102914_ib_01 102914_ib_02 102914_ib_03 102914_ib_04 102914_ib_05 102914_ib_06 102914_ib_07 102914_ib_08 102914_ib_09 102914_ib_10 102914_ib_11 102914_ib_12 102914_ib_13 102914_ib_14 102914_ib_15 102914_ib_16 102914_ib_17 102914_ib_18 102914_ib_19 102914_ib_20 102914_ib_21 102914_ib_22 102914_ib_23 102914_ib_24 102914_ib_25 102914_ib_26 102914_ib_27 102914_ib_28 102914_ib_29 102914_ib_30 102914_ib_31 102914_ib_32


Today I bring you the work of Jayadores Design Co.– a one-woman shop specializing in wedding collateral and marketing materials. I especially love her wedding collateral for it’s elegant simplicity and customized typography. Below are a few of my favorites.

092514_ib_01 092514_ib_02 092514_ib_03 092514_ib_04 092514_ib_05 092514_ib_06 092514_ib_07 092514_ib_08