Inspired by… Xelo Garrigós Pina

I discovered the fantastic work of Xelo Garrigós Pina via tumblr. His hand-drawn typography is fantastic, and refreshing for me- he doesn’t seem to follow any of the conventional trendy aesthetics we’ve been seeing (too much of?) lately…  Below are part(s) of his alphebet project- be sure to check out the rest here.

060514_ib_01 060514_ib_02 060514_ib_03 060514_ib_04 060514_ib_05 060514_ib_06 060514_ib_07060514_ib_09 060514_ib_10 060514_ib_11 060514_ib_12 060514_ib_13 060514_ib_14