Inspired by… Eisen Bernardo

Today I’m inspired by the work of Eisen Bernardo, a Filipino graphic designer based in Hanoi, Vietnam. I came across an image from his series Mag + Art the other day, and am featuring my favorites from the series below.

The project in his own words:

My Mag + Art series is a collection of magazine cover and classical painting mashups. Famous paintings of artists like Boticelli, Ingres, Klimt and Picasso were overlain with iconic covers of popular magazines like Life, Time, Harper’s Bazaar and Rolling Stone to produce funny and interesting visual combos. This ongoing project on Tumblr is my way of giving homage to the magazines – as venue of human artistic expression and vehicle of popular culture.

Inspired by… Natalie Nickim

Today I bring you the beautiful collage illustrations of Natalie Nickim. Her work resembles a retroactive futurologist excavating the remains of a culture and society that never came to be. She says; “Somewhere there’s a parallel universe made up of all our previously imagined technopias. I’d like to think my work reflects that place.”  Enjoy!

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Inspired by… MERVE ÖZASLAN

Today I bring you the work of Turkish artist Merve Özaslan. Primarily known for her work in ceramic jewelry, (featured in British Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire to name a few) while viewing her work, I was actually most drawn to her collages. The particular series featured below is titled Natural Act, and in her own words;

Natural act is composed by several collages based on the questions of the relation between nature and the humanity. It is basically a critical presentation referring to the fact that each of us is part of the nature. it seeks the answer whether greed, urbanization, mechanization and detaching from the nature is favorable or coherent for human or not. In that sense natural act appears with its all colors when our emotions are paralyzed in the vital points of the cliche and dull city life.


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Inspired by… Tyler Spangler

Today I’m featuring the work of Tyler Spangler, a Southern California based surfer and graphic designer. I discovered his work through Instagram– where his bright, pop-art meets psychedelic collaged illustration style immediately stood out in my feed. Looking at his portfolio, I’m both overwhelmed and extremely impressed by the sheer volume of work he produces. Below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!

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Inspired by… Dead Paper

My latest inspiration comes by way of a style blogger’s side project I happened upon a few weeks ago. Dead Paper is a collaboration between two artists who live a few hundred miles apart. He writes the poems and she makes the collages. All collages are handmade, and all poems are original works and most images come from vintage magazines.

021214_ib_01View with poem at the original source here.

As they describe, their inspiration comes from Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s Sonnet 28. I won’t rely the whole poem here, but an appropriate snippet:

 “My letters! all dead paper, mute and white! 
And yet they seem alive and quivering “

The two artists work with vintage images (i.e. “dead paper”) and breathe new life into them through reinterpreting them with collage and poetry…. Such a lovely thing.


View with poem at the original source here.


View with poem at the original source here.


View with poem at the original source here.


View with poem at the original source here.


View with poem at the original source here.


View with poem at the original source here.


View with poem at the original source here.


View with poem at the original source here.

If you’ve enjoyed these as much as i have- head over to Society 6– there are some prints for sale over there.

Inspired by… Eda Akaltun

Eda is a London based illustrator and printmaker from Istanbul. Studying illustration at Central Saint Martins, Eda developed a love for traditional printmaking and collage, and began collecting paper ephemera, 50s fashion catalogues and old family photos to populate her increasingly detailed compositions. Below is one of my favorite projects of hers from her portfolio. Enjoy!


Inspired by… Lucia Bernal

Today I am pleased to share with you the illustrative collages of Lima, Peru based Art Director Lucia Bernal. I was particularly drawn to the pop culture references, elements of graffiti mixed with delicate line work. An unusual combination that creates a fantastic final image. Thanks for sharing your work with me Lucia!