Inspired by… DangerDust

Dangerdust is the name of an anonymous duo- students at Columbus College of Art and Design, who sneak into a classroom each Sunday or Monday night, and create beauty out of chalk.  I absolutely love this story. Creating for the sake of creating- is there anything more beautiful? Below are a few of my favorite works from them. You can follow their adventures on Behance, Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook to see what happens next….

Below is one of my favorite projects (so far…). Enjoy!

070914_ib_01 070914_ib_02 070914_ib_03 070914_ib_04 070914_ib_05 070914_ib_06 070914_ib_07 070914_ib_08 070914_ib_09 070914_ib_10 070914_ib_11 070914_ib_12 070914_ib_13