12 15 2016 - On Etsy

On Etsy: Beads of Paradise NYC

Other than art books, and sentimental relics passed down to me from my family, I’m not a big collector of things. Except, I do have a thing for Christmas ornaments. My first Christmas in NYC, I decided to get a Christmas tree. It felt like a real statement- living my own life, in my own place, my new home needed a tree for the holidays. That year, I bought I bunch of cheap ornaments to fill up the tree. But, each year since then, I’ll usually buy one new ornament that has some sort of special significance to me, or speaks to an event that happened that year.

I came across a lovely collection of ornaments recently from Beads of Paradise NYC Etsy shop, and thought I’d share some of my favorites here- for all of you that love ornaments too.

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