06 28 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Tess Guinery

This past week I found myself pinning image after image of what I later learned to be the work of Tess Guinery, so it seemed only fitting that I dedicate an Inspired By… post to her work as well!

Tess is a dancer turned graphic designer and content creator, whose sense of movement and creativity is evident in her work. I love the way Tess describes why she does what she does here,

“There’s this beautiful one-liner I fell in love with in Romans 12 that says ‘Discover beauty in everyone’ — This scripture defines everything I do and why I do it. I want to discover the beauty everywhere – in the mundane, the morning ritual, the man I say hello to on the way to coffee, the logo I design for someones creative vision, the email I receive from a client, the places I visit, the friends I treasure — I want to discover beauty in it all and create accordingly. “

Featured below is personal work from her shop. Enjoy!

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