04 12 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Jamie Beck

I’ve been a long-time fan of the work of Jamie Beck, and have followed her online life, first with (her now defunct blog) From Me To You, and then her latest iteration, Ann Street Studio, which chronicles the work and life her herself and her husband and business partner Kevin Berg.

Coincidences are always a funny thing, and as it should happen, right around the time I noticed she left New York for French countryside, I was plotting my own escape from New York- which involved selling everything I owned and taking a train across the country, from New York to California. I think because of this parallel, I’ve been following her journey closely, in part because of the beauty of her photography, and also as a way to perhaps understand my own escape.

Her personal work has taken a departure since she’s been in France, and I couldn’t be more in love with the result. The work that she’s currently sharing on Instagram seems deeply personal, incredibly artistic, sensual and daring. I’m particularly inspired by the self-portraits she’s been sharing, often in the nude, that are reminiscent of oil paintings from centuries past.

I’m obsessed with this dress (and it’s Mara Hoffman, in case you’re wondering)

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