12 14 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Sion Hsu

I discovered the work of Sion Hsu via Pinterest, and was taken in by the detailed simplicity of his work. When I went on a search for more of his work, I was really touched by his own description, which states that he is devoted to redesigning rural culture, and as he describes, “Trying to show the world how beautiful his hometown is by non-stop designing. It is a declare that design in not just belong to the City. It should be everywhere.” Featured below are some of my favorites from his portfolio.

121416_ib_01 121416_ib_02 121416_ib_03 121416_ib_04 121416_ib_05 121416_ib_06 121416_ib_07 121416_ib_08 121416_ib_09 121416_ib_10

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