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11 09 2016 - This + That

On Etsy: Naomi Wilkinson

I love the colorful, tropical, whimsical prints of Naomi Wilkinson on Etsy. Below I’ve featured some of my favorites. Click through each one to shop and learn more. ūüôā











10 26 2016 - This + That

on Etsy: Ink And Namu

I recently discovered Ink and Namu on Etsy- a Los Angeles based¬†studio. I love their typography-heavy, minimalist designs and I’m always a sucker for a coffee mug with a message!













10 12 2016 - This + That

On Etsy: Three Potato Four

Today I’m sharing a favorite Etsy shop of mine with you- Three Potato¬†Four. ¬†As they describe,

In 2007, we began Three Potato Four through our love of found objects. We’re collectors, and to us, all products and belongings tell a story. We live by stories and we shop for stories. Through the years of buying and selling found vintage pieces, we were inspired to take some of these amazing objects and make them again in a new way for today.

You can click on each image to learn more.












10 06 2016 - This + That

The Lost Photo’s of Marilyn Monroe

A week or so ago I stumbled upon this article on The Cut on these previous unseen photos of Marilyn Monroe. These photos were discovered by the wife of photographer¬†Andre de Dienes, who had cast Marilyn for an experimental nude project in 1945. 19-year-old Marilyn never did pose nude, but the images capture a¬†vulnerability not often seen in photos of Monroe. The pho’s were shot on Malibu and Long Island beach trips, and using a car headlight in a Beverly Hills valley to light Monroe‚Äôs face, creating a sometimes surreal, and certainly experimental quality. Enjoy! And, if you’re in New York, these images are currently on view at the Steven Kasher Gallery.¬†Enjoy!

100616_tt_01 100616_tt_02 100616_tt_03 100616_tt_04 100616_tt_05 100616_tt_06 100616_tt_07 100616_tt_08 100616_tt_09 100616_tt_10

08 25 2016 - This + That

On Etsy: Archer and Olive

As described by it’s founders, Archer and Olive is,

“A darling stationery boutique. Archer and Olive is the feeling of running your hands across 38pt savory cotton, double thick paper. We are the hand written love letter on personalized stationery. We are the reason for the envy amongst your friends because your baby shower invitations are so perfect, so unique and so you. We are the card you decided to frame instead of mailing to a friend. We are the wedding invitations you‚Äôve always dreamed about, the smell of freshly pressed paper, and the first page of a new journal. Archer and Olive is darling stationery design in Austin, Texas.”

Below are some of my favorite items from their shop. You can click directly on each image for more info. And if you want a behind-the-scenes look at their process, be sure to check out their blog right here.

082516_tt_01 082516_tt_02 082516_tt_03082516_tt_04082516_tt_05082516_tt_06082516_tt_07082516_tt_08082516_tt_09082516_tt_10

08 18 2016 - This + That

Eslee on Instagram

If you’re looking for some beautiful inspiration on the daily, follow Eslee¬†on Instagram. Her work is¬†often color focussed, or dreamy, or ethereal.. or all at once! ¬†You’re welcome.

081816_tt_01 081816_tt_02 081816_tt_03 081816_tt_04 081816_tt_05 081816_tt_06 081816_tt_07 081816_tt_08 081816_tt_09 081816_tt_10


08 11 2016 - This + That

On Etsy: Hayley Mitchell Art

Another spotlight on a great Etsy shop- Hayley Mitchell Art. I adore her colorful, geometric women, featured below.  Click on any images below to learn more about that specific piece.












06 01 2016 - This + That

Gucci SS16 Campaign

I’ve been thinking a lot about Gucci lately- ever since I caught a glimpse of their SS16 during fashion week. This past season pretty much¬†encapsulated the way I want to dress in my dreams, only I didn’t realize it until I saw it. Below are some of my selects from their SS16 Advertising Campaign. ¬†As credited¬†on their site:¬†Shot by Glen Luchford, the artistic and brutalist nature of this city¬†contrasts against the dreamy romance of Alessandro Michele‚Äôs collections.

060116_tt_01 060116_tt_02 060116_tt_03 060116_tt_04 060116_tt_05 060116_tt_06 060116_tt_07 060116_tt_08 060116_tt_09 060116_tt_10 060116_tt_11 060116_tt_12


05 05 2016 - This + That

Glitch Art

Glitch Art is something I heard about ages ago, and had kinda forgotten about until a couple of weeks ago‚Äď when I was interviewing a designer who loved Glitch Art and had several of her own experiments in her portfolio. I asked her about it, and how to do it, and it’s really simple. For those of you who don’t know, and want to experiment: Find an image you like, drag it into text edit, and then start removing lines of code. Save the image and then open it open again… and there’s your Glitch Art! Of course I experimented for hours after… so fun! Below is an image I played around with (original and glitch).

050516_tt__01 050516_tt__02

01 29 2016 - This + That

5 Rose Beauty Products From Urban Outfitters

As cliche as it is, roses have always been my favorite flower, so whenever I can I like to incorporate that fragrance in my beauty routine. Rose water also happens to have a lot of natural benefits for your skin, like hydrating, refreshing, soothing, and cleansing your skin. Below are my top 5 rose beauty products- all found on Urban Outfitters. 


Rosebud Multi-Use Oil. Shop it.


Herbivore Botanicals Mini Rose Hibiscus Face Mist. Shop it.


Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe Herbs And Rosewater. Shop it.


Herbivore Botanicals Coco Rose Lip Conditioner. Shop it.


Poppy And Someday Gypsy Rose Toner. Shop it.