Feature: Pattern Play

07 20 2017 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: Geometric Patterns

I’ve been toying around with the idea of using geometric shapes and patterns as the basis for a current branding project I’m working on. Creative Market has an amazing array of Geometric pattern designs- all of which I’ve been pouring over the last week or so. Below are some of my favorites at the moment.

30 Geometric Backgrounds

Geometric Triangle Backgrounds 118

175 Geometric Backgrounds

Triangles Galore

Geometric Bundle 5 IN ONE 

50 Geometric Patterns | Grey

Grey Low Poly Backgrounds

70 Geometric Backgrounds

12 geometric triangle patterns

Triangles Galore 2

06 08 2017 - Pattern Play

04 19 2017 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: In Bloom!

It’s spring! I recently moved from Brooklyn to California, so for me, this means overflowing wildflowers (sometimes growing out of the sidewalks), pungent smells of flowers and fruit trees, and of course, an excuse to wear a floral dress. I’ve also been leaning towards a more romantic design aesthetic, which includes as many floral/nature motifs as I can get away with. I thought it would be fun to round up some of the floral patterns I’ve been loving lately, in honor of this lovely season. Enjoy!

Bloom Floral Pattern Collection

Subtle Botanica. Vol.2

Floral Pattern

Floral Pattern

Watercolor Floral Design Set -Audrey

Tropical flower pattern

Blush & Gold Graphic Collection

Watercolor tropical patterns

Tropical palm leaves vector patterns

Vintage Roses Patterns

07 20 2016 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: Marble Texture and Pattern

I’ve always been drawn to marble. I love it because it is both a texture and an oft-designed pattern. It is a natural pattern, found in the rock, and then it is a beautiful artistic practice of creating these loose, free-form feeling patterns. I’ve rounded up my top ten marble patterns, which can be found for sale on Creative Market. Click on each image to learn more.












05 25 2016 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: Tropical Patterns

I’m here in Brooklyn just waiting on Summer and dreaming of palm trees. My mind wanders to tropical patterns, and below I’ve compiled a few of my current faves. To learn more about each pattern, click through the images below. 🙂












05 18 2016 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: The Best of the 80’s

I’ve been really into Memphis-style patterns from the 80s lately. Below is a roundup of some favorites- you can click through each one to purchase and/or learn more.










02 17 2016 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: French Textiles

I recently came across a site called Archive, which, as the name might indicate, is a real treasure trove of beautiful vintage things. For me in particular, the discovery of French vintage textile designs. All that are featured below are from 1863. 1863! These designs feel so fresh and modern to me now… the true indication of great design. If you’d like to see the full textile archive, you can visit them right here. Enjoy!

021716_pp_01 021716_pp_02 021716_pp_03 021716_pp_04 021716_pp_05 021716_pp_06 021716_pp_07 021716_pp_08 021716_pp_09 021716_pp_10

12 17 2015 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: Ashley Goldberg

Today I’m featuring the pattern designs of Portland-based artist, illustrator, and designer Ashley Goldberg.  As described in her bio, “Her artwork tends to be narrative and simple, but with a sophisticated or stark color palette.
Her body of work includes paintings, illustrations, pattern design, and portraiture. Goldberg’s work focuses on mark making, color exploration, and visual story telling.” Below are some of my favorites from her patterns. Be sure to check out her art and collaborations on her site as well.

121715_pp_01 121715_pp_02 121715_pp_03 121715_pp_04 121715_pp_05 121715_pp_06 121715_pp_07 121715_pp_08 121715_pp_09 121715_pp_10

10 28 2015 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: Elsa Boch

Today I bring you the patterns of Elsa Boch, a french designer with a focus on textile and product design. Below I’m featuring patterns from her series, Glucose.

102815_pp_01 102815_pp_02 102815_pp_03 102815_pp_04 102815_pp_05 102815_pp_06 102815_pp_07 102815_pp_08 102815_pp_09 102815_pp_10

08 26 2015 - Pattern Play

Pattern Play: Carolina Melis

Today I bring you the lovely pattern designs of Carolina Melis. A choreographer turned art director and illustrator, I was drawn to the Art Nouveau inspired motifs in her beautiful illustrated pattern designs. Enjoy!

082615_pp_01 082615_pp_02 082615_pp_03 082615_pp_04 082615_pp_05 082615_pp_06 082615_pp_07 082615_pp_08 082615_pp_09 082615_pp_10