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05 10 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 05.10.13

051013_ll_01Image via Honestly, WTF

One of the most fascinating things I stumbled upon this week: The Most Detailed (and illegal) Picture of the Internet.

I’ve been fascinated by Vine ever since it came out, as a fun way to tell stories with moving images (still haven’t quite mastered it myself) so reading this story this week really inspired me!

I was in New Orleans this past week for the annual Jazz Festival and was fascinated by the city. I came across these great vintage photographs taken in the 1930’s of Mardi Gras in New Orleans

 I love house/apt. tours of any kind. I really enjoyed this post on Design Sponge of designer Jessica Walsh’s apartment.

04 11 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 04.12.13

041213_ll_01Image found over on J.Crew’s Pinterest board via Karlie Kloss

This week I had fun pinning for My Shoe Story

I haven’t had time to play with them yet, but a big THANK YOU to  Chris Bannister for posting these free responsive web wireframes.

Magical Unicorn typeface? 

I always appreciate a well-designed menu, loved discovering The Art of the Menu over on Under Consideration.

I couldn’t resist buying a new iPhone case this week once I laid my eyes on these guys from Rifle Paper Co.

04 05 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 04.05.13


Serge Lutens,1965 image via flickr

Have those of you on Pinterest switched to the new layout yet? It’s a subtle difference, but I really like it.

One of my favorite online discoveries this week:  Jourrrnal, a Dribbble interview platform where beginners can study the approaches of designers.

A New Yorker gives us a city guide to LA (via Garance Dore)

I’ve been really enjoying reading Nubby Twiglet’s Blog Log- a new column dedicated to the art of blogging.

This is my jam. I’m so glad Miss Moss decided to continue making music mixes, (she did threaten to stop a few months back!).

03 22 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 03.22.13

032213_ll_01Image via Studded Hearts

The week is almost behind us! (I’m sorry… I just can’t help myself sometimes).

Designer Senongo Akpem put together a series of incred­i­ble photo essays that depict life in Africa and the U.S. in the 1960s and 70s, (Lost Nigeria via Design Work Life).

A versatile icon font for blogs.

I’m loving this hand-written style font called Matchmaker.

That’s all for this week! Enjoy the weekend…

03 15 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 03.15.13

031513_ll_01Image via Design for Mankind

Spring is almost in the air and I can’t wait. You can almost feel the anticipation in the air in NYC.

House Industries released a FREE photolettering app this week and I’ve been having fun playing with it.

National Geographic have set up a tumblr called National Geographic Found, to celebrate their 125th anniversary.

I’ve been really into Nubby Twiglet’s new column featuring her mood boards.

I’m a huge Cargo fan when it coms to templated websites. But I was recently introduced to Squarespace and I’m intrigued….

02 22 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 02.22.13

022213_ll_01Image via Bardot in Motion

 The New York Times Style Magazine, T, recently updated their identity. (Brand New Via Nubby Twiglet).

BLOKK Font is a font for quick wireframing that shows text as… blocks. I think it’s a nice alternative to Lorem Ipsum. Download it here.

Neon love messages in Times Square? I might have to check these out this weekend. (Because I’m Addicted via Nubby Twiglet)

I think I might of pinned these awhile back… I love these mineral magnets.

 Miss Moss did a blog re-design on her site!

02 15 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 02.15.13

021513_ll_01Image via The Guardian

Fashion Week is over and I think I heard a big collective sigh of relief all across the city today. Now we all need a vacation. Good thing a three day weekend is on it’s way.

I found this article on successful facebook marketing campaigns really interesting. There a lot of great case studies here.

The Subtle Patterns Bookmarklet makes it easy to test out background patterns from Subtle Patterns on your website (or any other), without any coding. Just add the bookmarklet to your browser, and then you can preview any of the Subtle Patterns patterns on any website you visit. (via Webdesigner Depot)

Pugly Pixel shared a great free photoshop brush that achieves the look of “painted pictures” over on her blog.

Design Sponge has compiled the ultimate guide of social media etiquette that I thought was interesting, (via Nubby Twiglet)

02 08 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 02.08.11

020813_ll_01Image via Simple Dreams

 Fashion Week and an epic blizzard have descended upon NYC. If you’d like to see some fun, behind-the-scenes footage, go backstage with Bumble and bumble.

Pantone Food Photography is pretty awesome. (via Nubby Twiglet)

I noticed that Letter Cult is currently taking submissions for the Best of 2012 Custom Letters. If this is your thing- SUBMIT YOUR WORK! I can’t wait to see all the winners.

Everyone seems to be doing Valentine’s Date ideas on the blogs. I thought DesignLoveFest version was pretty cute.

 Content and Chrome has a very lovely selection of well thought out UI designs. Worth checking out!

02 01 2013 - Links Loved

Links Loved 02.01.13

020113_ll_01Image via DeviantART

What a cool concept: photographer  irina werning did a series of photographs reinacting childhood photographs. Check them out here. (via Designlovefest)

Great picture (and quote!) of fashion legend Diana Vreeland (my idol) over on The Impossible Cool.

I love this new feature over on Pugly Pixel called Launched, where she goes through recent site makeovers. Such a great idea! Looking forward to future posts.

Empty States is a tumblr blog that shows what various app’s look like when they’re “empty”.

205 Killer Photoshop Actions

Two new illustrations I love over on Decade Diary.