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07 06 2017 - Just My Type

Just My Type #30

I’ve been really loving Hand Drawn Love, a series that Designlovefest has been doing for awhile now. I like the quirkiness of the type exploration as well as the pairings with color. Featured below, some of my favorites- all by Maddy Nye. Be sure to check out the series on DLF for the color pairings too. Enjoy!

05 25 2017 - Just My Type

Just My Type #29

I’ve noticed a trend lately in fonts that are hand-crafted to look like hand-lettering, and I think that’s great for those of us who want the custom lettered look and feel but don’t always have the time to do it ourselves. And that brings me to Raindrop, a trio of fonts that draw inspiration from editorial illustration.

09 01 2016 - Just My Type

Just My Type #28

Recently I’ve been working on a branding project, and I’ve been exploring quirky type (for a quirky identity!). My client got really into the idea of 3D type for one of the directions. It’s one of those styles that’s so specific, I don’t think I’ve ever really given that style of type much thought! But after much research, I have a nice little collection of favorites that I’d like to share with you. Click on the images to learn more about each typeface.











01 08 2016 - Just My Type

Just My Type #26

Reckless is hybrid connected geometric typeface between script, blackletter and tattoo feel, it can be used in logos, games and graphic related to cars, automotive, Detroit, 1940, 1950, 1960, vintage, retro, classic and old machines. Fun display font for the right project! You can learn more about this typeface right here.

010816_jmt_01 010816_jmt_02 010816_jmt_03 010816_jmt_04 010816_jmt_05

08 07 2015 - Just My Type

Just My Type #25

Creating hand-painted watercolor typography, or applying watercolor textures digitally is something I’ve been seeing a lot in the sidelines of the hand-lettering trend in typography. I came across this beautiful version of Poster Bodoni, all done in watercolor. As the creators describe,

The world of fonts is in an exciting time right now with so many amazing designers making their mark with new typefaces. Now let’s nerd out on fonts for a minute, shall we? Giambattista Bodoni designed the Bodoni typeface in 1798 (most likely with a brush and ink). Over a century later, Chauncey H. Griffith created Poster Bodoni for none other than… Posters!

We’ve gone old school to suit the style of Poster Bodoni and created the entire font in watercolour by hand.

You can learn more, and purchase this set right here.

080715_jmt_01 080715_jmt_02 080715_jmt_03 080715_jmt_04 080715_jmt_05

07 17 2015 - Just My Type

Just My Type #24

Mermaid Typeface is an old fashioned typeface, inspired by victorian and ornamental typography styles, and I couldn’t help but share a typeface called “Mermaid” in the middle of summer. You can learn more about it right here.

071715_jmt_01 071715_jmt_02 071715_jmt_03 071715_jmt_04


07 03 2015 - Just My Type

Just My Type #23

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about a really inspiring letterpress project called Life & Type. As I mentioned, I ordered a print myself, so I thought I’d follow-up on that and share the documentation of the making of my poster.


Something that Daniel, (creator of Life & Type) said really spoke to me:

What makes the project unique, I think, is that in an increasingly digital world where or sense of self is tied ever more to the internet, this is an intentional, slow, handcrafted move back toward the thinginess of the real world. Perfectly imperfect, actual and social, like each one of us.

062615_jmt_02 062615_jmt_03 062615_jmt_04 062615_jmt_05

When I was thinking of what sort of content, what words I wanted to add to my living space, I immediately thought of things that are now absent. The first thing that came to mind: my CD collection. Remember CD’s? They used to be this visual cue of sorts– anyone who would come over would immediately gravitate to. To judge, to relate, to open up a conversation about a shared passion. I got rid of my CD’s and went digital a decade ago. I miss those conversations.

So, I decided I wanted a poster of the ten albums that had the biggest musical impact on my life- a nod to something that’s hard to articulate in words but speaks so much to who I am–my inner life.

062615_jmt_07 062615_jmt_08 062615_jmt_09 062615_jmt_10 062615_jmt_12 062615_jmt_13 062615_jmt_14062615_jmt_15 062615_jmt_16 062615_jmt_17 062615_jmt_18 062615_jmt_19 062615_jmt_20 062615_jmt_21 062615_jmt_22 062615_jmt_23 062615_jmt_24

As my print was being shipped, Daniel sent me these amazing photo’s documenting the process of creating my print. If you’re interested in ordering a print from Life & Type, you can learn more right here.

06 12 2015 - Just My Type

Just My Type #22

I’m really excited to share this post with all of you today. I’m veering a bit from my typical most loved typefaces of the moment routine, to instead share an awesome typographic letterpress project I recently discovered called Life & Type.



Life & Type is a project started by Daniel Richardson, an artist and designer in the Chicago area. It is printing large format, made-to-order, typographic letterpress prints for individual customers. As he describes, “These prints mark an unprecedented way to think about the way we represent our selves (our memories, experiences, and hopes) in the real world. Life & Type exists at the intersection of personhood cultivation and home/office decor.”



What I loved most about this project, (other than the product itself), is that Daniel has created a very personal, interactive experience for his customers. Not only does he send you a proof of the print, but he photographs the process along the way. You can see your chosen type being set, the poster still on press, and so on… right until he mails you the final piece. So, you get the poster, but you also get a documentary of the history of the poster before it gets to you.


061215_jmt_01 061215_jmt_02 061215_jmt_03 061215_jmt_04 061215_jmt_05 061215_jmt_06 061215_jmt_07 061215_jmt_08 061215_jmt_09 061215_jmt_10 061215_jmt_11 061215_jmt_12 061215_jmt_13 061215_jmt_14 061215_jmt_15 061215_jmt_16         061215_jmt_25 061215_jmt_26

I’ve order a print, and I’ll be sharing with you all my own process in the weeks to come. Stay tuned!

And if you’d like to order a print for yourself, be sure to check out his site to learn more.

05 22 2015 - Just My Type

Just My Type #21

With the popularity of calligraphy these days, there’s been some really amazing fonts popping up that are hand-drawn/painted and look really authentically hand done when used in your own work. There are countless favorites, but today I’d like to feature a recent purchase of mine: Smitten Script.

052215_jmt_01 052215_jmt_06 052215_jmt_02 052215_jmt_04 052215_jmt_05 052215_jmt_07  052215_jmt_09
You can learn more and/or purchase this typeface right here.