Feature: Inspired By

12 01 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Karl James Mountford

Today I bring inspiration by way of Karl James Mountford, a German illustrator who describes his work as, “‘visually edible’, sometimes witty, sometimes odd but always full of gusto.”  I was particularly drawn to his book cover illustration, featured below. Enjoy!

120116_ib_01 120116_ib_02 120116_ib_03 120116_ib_04 120116_ib_05 120116_ib_06 120116_ib_07

10 27 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Matt Dorfman

Today I’m sharing the work of Matt Dorfman–illustrator, designer, and currently art director at The New York Times. I discovered Matt’s work from a book cover image I came across on Pinterest, (for those of you who follow me on Pinterest, you may have noticed my obsession with book covers…). So, in honor of a well-designed book cover, I’m sharing some of his below! Be sure to check out the his site to view his other work, particularly his editorial work. 👌🏻

102716_ib_01 102716_ib_02 102716_ib_03 102716_ib_04 102716_ib_05 102716_ib_06 102716_ib_07 102716_ib_08 102716_ib_09 102716_ib_10 102716_ib_11

10 20 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Cosmic Nuggets

I discovered the work of Cosmic Nuggets via Ello (remember Ello?), which is a great resource for creative inspiration that I often forget about. I’m really drawn to the linework and pattern in these illustrations, especially the black and white ones- featured below. Enjoy!

102016_ib_01 102016_ib_02 102016_ib_03 102016_ib_04 102016_ib_05 102016_ib_06 102016_ib_07 102016_ib_08 102016_ib_09 102016_ib_10 102016_ib_11

10 19 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Hargreaves + Levin

Food Scans is a collaboration between Caitlin Levin and Henry Hargreaves.  As they describe,

Food Scans is a series that showcases the beauty and bounty of seasonal fruits and vegetables throughout the year. Just as produce picked at peak flavor requires very little adornment on the plate, such was the case with these pictures. Simply placed on the scanner, we’re able to see every curve, nook, and cranny in incredible detail — and mirrored images allow us to explore symmetry, natural beauty, and the way imperfections and inconsistencies often become the most breathtaking examples of nature’s artistry.

101916_ib_01 101916_ib_02 101916_ib_03 101916_ib_04 101916_ib_05 101916_ib_06 101916_ib_07 101916_ib_08 101916_ib_09 101916_ib_10

10 13 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Rachel Urquhart

Today I bring you the work of illustrator, designer, and writer Rachel Urguhart, or “pony gold” as she calls herself and her goods shop. I love her nod to the 1960s and 1970s in style and illustration that shines through her work. Below are a selection of my favorites. Be sure to check out her site and her shop as well.

101316_ib_01 101316_ib_02 101316_ib_07101316_ib_03 101316_ib_08101316_ib_04 101316_ib_09101316_ib_05 101316_ib_10101316_ib_06

10 05 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Camille Chew

I wrote about Camille about last year at this time, (here is the post in case you missed it) and you all loved the witch illustrations of hers I shared (especially on Pinterest!). Today I’m revisiting her work and sharing her hand series.  As she describes, Camille’s work explores themes of mythology, fantasy, and the occult. Even with the simplicity of hand illustrations, these themes surface in a beautiful and simple way. Enjoy!

100516_ib_01 100516_ib_02 100516_ib_03 100516_ib_04 100516_ib_05 100516_ib_06 100516_ib_07 100516_ib_08 100516_ib_09 100516_ib_10 100516_ib_11 100516_ib_12

09 08 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Oddds The New Anthropology

Today I’m sharing the work of Oddds The New Anthropology. Besides the work itself, I love their online portfolio, and how concept-driven it is. Featured below, is branding design for Otna. In their own words:

The new Oddds’ rebranding identity is an evolutionary set of systems that were progressively & intuitively placed together. Drawn from inspiration from the designers’ fascination of human behaviours and cognitive curiosities. This comes with perspectives of the study of humankind, cultures and design; referencing with philosophical values & new thinking.

The visual identity ties in around Oddds’ beliefs in four stages/themes. The first stage isDeep Sea Complexity; where all things imaginable can be created beneath surfaces and beyond edges. The second stage is Bravery in Hunting; where what lies unknowingly can be brought about with intentions and experiments through art and design direction. The third stage is Glamour of Illusion; where a certain mystique that is brought together by clairvoyance using forms of futurism. At the last stage, Science of Atmosphere; is where imagination and accuracy of methods brings about unlimited visible language.

The logo is a serif logotype visibly combines the new thinking theory into the Oddds’ brandmark. The word “New” is placed vertically, emphasizing forward-looking attitudes and carefully balanced out with the rest of the logotype.

The identity is conveyed through new stationery ranging from namecards, envelopes, postcards, thank you card, tags, coasters and packaging. With crafted finishings, each is executed with careful detailing and typographically driven. Materials and simplicity in fine lines can be seen through the craft of letterpress, matt gold and copper foils. Pressed and examined crisply in such a way that each are distinctively made with purpose. The visual identity dons and is accompanied with classy ebony, white and copper of tonal colours. The copper golds against the jet-black papers creates a mood of deep secrecy. From copper gold bags to postcards, this rebranding epitomizes the new Oddds.

090816_ib_01 090816_ib_02 090816_ib_03 090816_ib_04 090816_ib_05 090816_ib_06 090816_ib_07 090816_ib_08 090816_ib_09

09 07 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Céleste Wallaert

Today I’m inspired by Céleste Wallaert, a graphic and pattern designer based in Paris, France. A wanna-be (sadly, I’ll never be) morning person, I particularly loved her series Morning Troubles. Featured below are my favorites from her portfolio. Enjoy!

090716_ib_01 090716_ib_02 090716_ib_03 090716_ib_04 090716_ib_05 090716_ib_06 090716_ib_07 090716_ib_08 090716_ib_09 090716_ib_10

08 31 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Agata Wierzbicka

Today I’m sharing the work of Agata Wierzbicka, a Warsaw-based freelance interdisciplinary designer, and illustrator. Featured below, are her floral and fashion illustrations.

083116_ib_01 083116_ib_02 083116_ib_03 083116_ib_04 083116_ib_05 083116_ib_06 083116_ib_07 083116_ib_08 083116_ib_09 083116_ib_10 083116_ib_11

08 24 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Kati Forner

Today I’m sharing the work of Kati Forner, a Los Angeles based designer, with over 10 years of experience in print, digital, and production. Kati runs her own studio in LA, with clients primarily in the beauty and fashion Industries. I love her minimalist approach, with paired down ornate (and sometimes magical touches). Featured below is work from her Wooden Spoon Herbs

082416_ib_01 082416_ib_02 082416_ib_03 082416_ib_0082416_ib_04 082416_ib_05 082416_ib_06 082416_ib_07 082416_ib_08 082416_ib_09 082416_ib_10 082416_ib_11 project. Enjoy!