Feature: Inspired By

04 26 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Danny Jones

Today I bring you the work of Danny Jones, currently a designer at Google VR, specializing in 3D interaction & visual design. The project featured below is a series of 3D badges he did while at AQUA, for a Nike workout app. Each badge could be unlocked after varying degrees of time spent working out. Enjoy!

04 12 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Jamie Beck

I’ve been a long-time fan of the work of Jamie Beck, and have followed her online life, first with (her now defunct blog) From Me To You, and then her latest iteration, Ann Street Studio, which chronicles the work and life her herself and her husband and business partner Kevin Berg.

Coincidences are always a funny thing, and as it should happen, right around the time I noticed she left New York for French countryside, I was plotting my own escape from New York- which involved selling everything I owned and taking a train across the country, from New York to California. I think because of this parallel, I’ve been following her journey closely, in part because of the beauty of her photography, and also as a way to perhaps understand my own escape.

Her personal work has taken a departure since she’s been in France, and I couldn’t be more in love with the result. The work that she’s currently sharing on Instagram seems deeply personal, incredibly artistic, sensual and daring. I’m particularly inspired by the self-portraits she’s been sharing, often in the nude, that are reminiscent of oil paintings from centuries past.

I’m obsessed with this dress (and it’s Mara Hoffman, in case you’re wondering)

03 30 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Nanna Prieler

More illustration inspiration today! Featured below are the illustrations of Nanna Prieler, an artist and illustrator based in Vienna, Austria.  I adore her signature happy colors, bold shapes, and unique textures which infuse her work. Enjoy!

03 29 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Studio Pamelitas

Today I bring you the work of Studio Pamelitas, an Instagram-only shop of beautiful, overtly feminine pieces. Unique hand-painted porcelains with original illustrations, the work carries the recurring themes of nature, magic, and femininity.I am particularly in love with hand sculptures (all of them!). Featured below are other favorites. Enjoy!

03 22 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Hotel Magique

Today I’m inspired by the prints and paper good of Milou Neelen, the creative force behind Hotel Magique. I love the simplicity and whimsy mixed in with the simple typography. Enjoy!




03 15 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Pentagram

When I was at a dinner party last week and my friend asked me if I had seen the cannabis packaging Pentagram did for Snoop Dogg I thought she was messing with me. But, luckily for me, and the world, she most certainly was not! I made her show me everything, right there at the dinner party. Design parties.

What was striking to both of us, was how Pentagram and Snoop steered away from the stereotypical marijuana aesthetic (always so cheesy and repulsive to me), and went in a completely different direction- elevating the concept of cannabis in this beautiful, lush, fashion-inspired story. The patterns, multiple color stories, and typography direction feels both elegant and casual at the same time. I love how Pentagram described the process on their blog:

As a forefather of West Coast rap, Snoop is closely associated with California, and this comes into play in the packaging. Clean and simple on the outside, opening the flower boxes reveals a fresh blast of colorful California cool. Sliding off the box cover exposes images of green palms, sunny beaches and blue pools in angled slices that echo the LBS logo. Users encounter other surprises as they handle the packaging: The surface of the outer box is covered with a custom cannabis paisley pattern, printed in a clear, tactile spot varnish. “We chose Paisley because it is one of Snoop’s favorite patterns, borrowed from bandannas,” says Oberman. Opening the box also reveals a colorful collectible sticker featuring a phrase like “Ooouuuweeee” or “Puff puff pass” handwritten by Snoop; the reverse of the sticker features humorous instructions for use the weed.


“It’s like working at the end of Prohibition,” says Oberman. “Everything is changing, all the time. Laws change from week to week, and affect what you can do. It’s incredibly exciting, but it’s also difficult, so we had to keep it simple.”


02 22 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Magdiel Lopez

Alright… returning to regularly scheduled posts starting today! I’m happy to share with you the Poster A Day Project by visual artist Magdiel Lopez. Featured below are a selection of my favorites from this series. Enjoy!


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12 21 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Compass Island

Today I bring you the work of Compass Island, a full-service design agency located in Amsterdam. I really love their branding work, specifically Le Breakfast Club, which blends the right amount of quirky elegance. Enjoy!

122116_ib_01 122116_ib_02 122116_ib_03 122116_ib_04 122116_ib_05 122116_ib_06 122116_ib_07 122116_ib_08 122116_ib_09 122116_ib_10 122116_ib_11

12 14 2016 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Sion Hsu

I discovered the work of Sion Hsu via Pinterest, and was taken in by the detailed simplicity of his work. When I went on a search for more of his work, I was really touched by his own description, which states that he is devoted to redesigning rural culture, and as he describes, “Trying to show the world how beautiful his hometown is by non-stop designing. It is a declare that design in not just belong to the City. It should be everywhere.” Featured below are some of my favorites from his portfolio.

121416_ib_01 121416_ib_02 121416_ib_03 121416_ib_04 121416_ib_05 121416_ib_06 121416_ib_07 121416_ib_08 121416_ib_09 121416_ib_10