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08 16 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Rosie Harbottle

Today I’m inspired by the illustrations of Rosie Harbottle. I love her folk-art inspired style and her chosen medium of watercolor, (side note: I ALSO love her paintings on leather jackets. Now officially on my wishlist). Featured below are some of my favorites, from her portfolio and her Insta feed. Enjoy!

07 12 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Robin Eisenberg

Today I bring you the bright, fabulous and fun illustrations and animations from the mind of Robin Eisenberg. Robin is an artist and designer based in LA.  When she’s not making the amazing illustrations I’ve featured below, she’s making both real and imaginary travel plans, watching Star Trek, and trying to cultivate her dream cactus garden. Enjoy!

07 05 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Black Lamb Studio

Today I bring you Black Lamb, a Miami-based design studio with a focus on beautiful patterns, fun stationery, and product design. I love the studio’s simple, graphic, and colorful illustrations–featured below. Enjoy!

06 28 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Tess Guinery

This past week I found myself pinning image after image of what I later learned to be the work of Tess Guinery, so it seemed only fitting that I dedicate an Inspired By… post to her work as well!

Tess is a dancer turned graphic designer and content creator, whose sense of movement and creativity is evident in her work. I love the way Tess describes why she does what she does here,

“There’s this beautiful one-liner I fell in love with in Romans 12 that says ‘Discover beauty in everyone’ — This scripture defines everything I do and why I do it. I want to discover the beauty everywhere – in the mundane, the morning ritual, the man I say hello to on the way to coffee, the logo I design for someones creative vision, the email I receive from a client, the places I visit, the friends I treasure — I want to discover beauty in it all and create accordingly. “

Featured below is personal work from her shop. Enjoy!

06 01 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Henn Kim

This is the bio and explanation for the illustrations of Henn Kim. With half a million Instagram followers, I’m not alone in emphasizing with this. Featured below are a selection of my favorites. 🙂

05 31 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Vintage Yves Saint Laurent’s Love Cards

Lately I’ve been digitally hoarding all the vintage Yves Saint Laurent Love Cards I can find. And finally, the time has come to share with you!


From my research, I’ve learned that these cards weren’t Valentine’s but rather cartes de voeux—cards sent to welcome the New Year. The designer created and sent these for 30 years, from 1970 to 2000. Below are some of my favorites. Enjoy!


05 24 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Mayan Toledano

Today I’m sharing the work of photographer and designer Mayan Toledano. I discovered her work through an article in Fubiz, which dreamily described her work as, “Tinted with pink and sweetened lights, her shots are both an ode to candor and sensuality and invite us to discover a universe where femininity rhymes with spontaneity.”  Below are a few of my favorites from her Tumblr. Enjoy!

05 10 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Vintage Exlibris

Today I’m featuring my latest graphic design obsession… vintage Exlibris designs.

An Exlibris (bookplate) is a mark of ownership which the owner of a book sticks into the inside of the cover. It is made by an artist who is commissioned by the owner to create according to his wishes and ideas a small graphic that bears the owner’s name and the word Exlibris. The word Ex libris is Latin and, together with the owner’s name, means “From among the books of N.N.” In order not to lessen the value of the book by writing one’s name directly into it, one marks one’s ownership by sticking the bookplate on the inside of the cover.

Lucky for me, The Frederikshavn Art Museum and Ex Libris Collection has created a digital Exlibris museum project. Started in 2010, the goal of the project is to preserve and share these beautiful and unique designs with a larger audience.

It’s amazing how much these small designs can convey about the former owner’s personality… which is probably one of the most intriguing and captivating things to be about these designs. Another fascinating thing to me is the span of time these bookplates cover- from 1700 up to current day. Below is a collection of some of my favorites- enjoy!

Artist: Maria Elisa Leboroni. Owner: Gennaro Sallusto. Year: 1935. Country: Italy.


Artist: Edward Grabowski. Owner: Kotarskiego Stefana. Year: 1963. Country: Poland.


Artist: Albert Jaern. Owner: Aslaug Haave Lamberg. Year: 1942. Country: Norway.


Artist: Albert Jaern. Owner: Bjørn Severin. Year: 1944. Country: Norway.


Artist: Albert Jaern. Owner: Edgar Noel. Year: Unknown. Country: Norway.


Artist: Albert Jaern. Owner: Roald Holmen. Year: 1943. Country: Norway.


Artist: Walter Bergmann. Owner: Walter Bergmann. Year: 1923. Country: Germany.


Artist: Hans Michael Bungter. Owner: Poul Rygaard Jensen. Year: 1967. Country: Germany.


Artist: Ernest Huber. Owner: Dr. Roger Bliss. Year: Unknown. Country: France.


Artist: Jüri Arrak . Owner: Eha Toomas Vetevool. Year: 1977. Country: Estonia.

04 26 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Danny Jones

Today I bring you the work of Danny Jones, currently a designer at Google VR, specializing in 3D interaction & visual design. The project featured below is a series of 3D badges he did while at AQUA, for a Nike workout app. Each badge could be unlocked after varying degrees of time spent working out. Enjoy!

04 12 2017 - Inspired By

Inspired by… Jamie Beck

I’ve been a long-time fan of the work of Jamie Beck, and have followed her online life, first with (her now defunct blog) From Me To You, and then her latest iteration, Ann Street Studio, which chronicles the work and life her herself and her husband and business partner Kevin Berg.

Coincidences are always a funny thing, and as it should happen, right around the time I noticed she left New York for French countryside, I was plotting my own escape from New York- which involved selling everything I owned and taking a train across the country, from New York to California. I think because of this parallel, I’ve been following her journey closely, in part because of the beauty of her photography, and also as a way to perhaps understand my own escape.

Her personal work has taken a departure since she’s been in France, and I couldn’t be more in love with the result. The work that she’s currently sharing on Instagram seems deeply personal, incredibly artistic, sensual and daring. I’m particularly inspired by the self-portraits she’s been sharing, often in the nude, that are reminiscent of oil paintings from centuries past.

I’m obsessed with this dress (and it’s Mara Hoffman, in case you’re wondering)

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