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08 08 2017 - Color Story

Color Story #203

The image in the center of this mood board is by Lauren Hom, You might have heard me talk about her before, (I adore and have written about several times before- here, here, here and here). She’s an illustrator, letterer, author, and mentor to creatives (like me!). Lauren just relaunched her popular online course for creatives, Passion to Paid, which I just had the pleasure of taking. It’s ten weeks of training and support for creatives who want to launch a passion project to take their creative career to the next level.

If you know you want to grow an online following around your work + start getting paid for it, you should check it out here.

Enrollment is only open until August 11th & this is the last session for 2017, so if you’re ready for that creative push, don’t miss your chance! Hope to see you in class 🙂

P.S. I’m a proud graduate and affiliate of this class. If you decide to purchase this program, I may receive a commission in the future, which will help me grow my creative business. Thanks for your support!

All imagery used in the Color Stories are found via Pinterest. You can follow me here.

08 01 2017 - Color Story

Color Story #202

All imagery used in the Color Stories are found via Pinterest. You can follow me here.

Happy August 1st! I sort of can’t believe it.

I came across this quote the other day that pretty much sums up how I feel all the time these days:

How did it get so late so soon? –Dr. Seuss


This color palette was inspired by the feelings Summer evokes for me… a slow simmering dry heat, warmth, mixed with the abundance of plant life and blooms.

07 18 2017 - Color Story

Color Story #200

Welcome to the 200th Color Story on Design Quixotic! I can’t believe it! This is my favorite column on this blog, and from the emails and comments I get, I have a feeling it might be yours as well! Thank you for all the kind words and support over the years.


You can check-out archived color stories on this blog and also follow my Color board on Pinterest.

Gaia’s Ark Small in Mother of Pearl

Staccato Rug

Ambeur Brushed Metallic Carry-On